Moritz Bannach

Moritz Bannach

Founder & Creative Director

During his study of landscape architecture in Berlin, Moritz Bannach followed his diverse interests and expanded his knowledge in other disciplines such as architecture, design and art history. His integrative approach to various creative disciplines is clearly reflected in the fundamental direction of the BANNACH brand.

After successfully completing his studies, Moritz Bannach worked for dopo_domani for over five years, one of the most prestigious addresses for high-quality interior design in Berlin, until he founded BANNACH in 2018.



BANNACH's furniture is manufactured in close cooperation with selected traditional German workshops to ensure their premium quality and sustainability. The production process combines innovative manufacturing technologies and traditional manufacturing methods. In addition to an unmistakable design, furniture of the BANNACH brand impresses with outstanding quality and longevity.



Every piece of furniture by BANNACH is decorated with a sign made of polished brass. These noble marks are provided with an individual serial number, which makes each furniture an original. The labels underline the claim of the BANNACH brand: to create exclusive furniture objects that are produced under high quality standards in Germany.