BANNACH is a young German design brand from Berlin founded by Moritz Bannach in 2018. Bannach creates high-quality furniture items and accessories that are at the intersection of design, architecture and art. The designs are characterized by a geometric, almost sculptural design language and the dynamic use of colors. This fusion of a reduced design language with expressive color combinations forms the basis for Bannach’s conceptual orientation and is considered the brand’s distinctness. Designed by Moritz Bannach and a selection of international designers, the contemporary pieces stand for an ambitious quality concept.

To achieve this, Bannach combines innovative and resource-saving manufacturing techniques with traditional craftsmanship methods and works closely with selected craft workshops in Germany and Italy. Using high-quality and durable materials such as wood and glass, Bannach develops impressive pieces that assert themselves as expressive statement pieces within any room due to their distinctive design language.

While studying landscape architecture in Berlin, Moritz Bannach followed his diverse interests and expanded his knowledge in other disciplines such as architecture, design and art history. His integrative approach towards different creative disciplines shapes the design language and values of the brand Bannach. After successfully completing his studies, Moritz Bannach worked for dopo_domani, one of the most renowned retail addresses for high-quality interior design in Berlin. In 2018, he founded his own design brand Bannach. In addition to his role as managing director, many of the designs in the Bannach collection come from him.